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Phases Of The Moon Original Canvas

$111,000.00 USD

  • Image of Phases Of The Moon Original Canvas
  • Image of Phases Of The Moon Original Canvas

"Phases Of The Moon" is an original piece by Sin done with acrylic paint on a 24" x 30" canvas. Below is the poetry/journal entry written behind the piece.

"the past few months have been chapters of strong self reflections. as the moon went through faces i felt myself do the same. i became one with it. i let my thoughts wander to different dimensions. some days were heavier than others, in the best ways - the most freeing ways. i shed old petals filled with views and watched them float away. some days i sat with confusion and others i sat with joy. i welcomed both of them to lay with me, to heal with me, to help me understand.. me. i planted new seeds, began to see the roots grow. i cried and smiled but never questioned. i looked through different windows that held different perspectives every night - but one thing was always consistent: the moon - reflecting my spirit. i found myself laying, breathing, soaking up every ounce of warmth i could. everything became one. you see.. this earth is just one collective and i - am truly amazed by God. i see it all.. the way the ocean glitters in the way the stars shine, the sun in the moon, the roots in the branches, the clouds in the waves, the sky in the ocean... the butteflies in the birds.. myself in everybody else. God in all of us. the serenity within me, that i want you too see in yourself too. i found me inside the phases of the moon."

- 24" x 30" canvas stitched to wood frame
- Acrylic paint

- Please allow between 3-4 weeks for your original to be shipped out to you.
- Includes tracking & insurance

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