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"To Paint My Wings" is an original piece by Sin done with acrylic paint on a 14" x 14" canvas. This painting was heavily inspired by the spring time and all the current events happening in the world at the time, the BLM movement. She drew heavy inspiration through those emotions. Sin feels that our system is asking for a rebirth, a new life cycle specifically towards the black community. "I feel like the world as it is right now, is forcing us to be in the stage of the cocoon - we are growing/going through the phases of evolution. We are living in a system that was never intended to protect or serve our black family and loved ones, and that needs to be changed. I see the world coming together to break through this cocoon and bloom.. into a brighter life - to a better path. I wanted her to be buried in the flowers, as a statement. I wanted the butterflies to be seen going through their life cycles to represent US. My goal was to bring peace during this time with some color, but also put something into the world that represents hope."

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